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NEEDLESS MESOTHERAPY - Microcurrent Face Lift

Needleless Mesotherapy is a needleless transdermal virtual skin rejuvenation therapy and is an alternative to injections that allows transdermal conduction of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products through electro diffusion.  This is a part of anti-aging therapy for collagen production and wrinkle reduction.


Microcurrent electroporation increases the cell capturing power and facilitates the passage of substance along the water channels called ‘aquaporins’, along this channels small electrical impulses travel to stimulate the cells and electro diffusion increases conductivity and permeability of the cell membranes.


The substances used in Needleless Mesotherapy are: Vitamins, Amino acids, Q10 coenzymes and hyaluronic acid.


This microcurrent facelift lasts 60min, and is recommended in applying a minimum of 3 sessions at weekly intervals.


The Needleless Mesotherapy has no side effects; no downtime;  it is very effective and painless treatment; it restores luminosity and smoothness to the face, neck and neckline skin.


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