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hyfrecator is a low-powered medical apparatus used in electrosurgery on conscious patients, usually in an office setting. It is used to destroy tissue directly, and to stop bleeding during minor surgery. It works by emitting low-power high-frequency high-voltage AC electrical pulses, via an electrode mounted on a handpiece, directly to the affected area of the body. A continuous electrical spark discharge may be drawn between probe and tissue, especially at the highest settings of power, although this is not necessary for the device to function. The amount of output power is adjustable, and the device is equipped with different tips, electrodes, and forceps, depending on the electrosurgical requirement. Unlike other types of electrosurgery, the hyfrecator does not employ a dispersive electrode pad that is attached to the patient in an area not being treated, and that leads back to the apparatus. It is designed to work with non-grounded (insulated) patients.

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