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Our mission at BU Wellness & Med Spa is to provide the highest quality care and personalized service to our clients. The technology and services we have chosen to provide has been thoroughly tested and researched by our staff of board-certified medical physicians and experienced licensed aestheticians.

BU Wellness & Med Spa was founded in the hope that we could promote living a healthy lifestyle to our community and provide our clients with the knowledge and capabilities to BE BEAUTIFUL and BE THE BEST OF YOU.


Our comprehensive selection of cutting-edge tools and equipment are geared towards making you look and feel better aesthetically, while our advanced medical treatments focus around healing and regenerating areas of the body that are prone to on-going pain and chronic inflammation. All of our treatments and services are non-invasive and will be performed in our beautiful in-office setting where your privacy and comfort will be our utmost concern.

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Recently, I had the hydrotherapy facial. My skin looks and feels really clean now! It left my skin moisturized, fuller, and my pores smaller and unclogged. I will definitely be getting this treatment again -and may take my husband next time since he complimented me about how my skin looks youthful again. Great way to refresh the skin and shave a few years off without having to resort to anything extreme!!! Just some maintenance procedures like facials and a top notch diet and you can preserve dewy skin throughout your years. They also have medical grade top of the line creams and make-ups, which I sampled but wasn't sure which to choose. 

I can't wait to go back. The staff was very friendly and the atmosphere was especially beautiful. I can't say enough about this center. What a treat it was and I'm still 4 days later admiring the differences in my skin.

Champaign, IL

BU Wellness is one of the nicest med spas I have ever experienced and I have visited several high end med spa facilities all over the world. I knew I was in good hands because I did the research and found out that the facility is owned and operated by a licensed medical doctor with extensive experience in anti-aging. The space is clean, modern and beautiful. They have many different treatment rooms and offer a wide variety of highly effective treatments at very competitive price points. I live in NYC and was home visiting family for the holidays. I visited BU Wellness for the first time last week because I felt like my skin and complexion looked tiered and dry. The staff at BU was very helpful in finding a time to fit me in during the holiday week. I received a hydrofacial from Teresa who was very knowledgable in all things related to the skin. Teresa really took the time to make sure my skin got all the attention it needed. After my hydrofacial I sat down with the medical director Dr. Christina Kim and talked to her about some concerns I had with my skin. She offered some great advice and together we decided that an IPL laser treatment would be beneficial for my skin concerns. The staff made time for me to come in the very next afternoon and Teresa handled my IPL treatment. I was worried the laser treatment was going to be painful because I've have tried a few different laser treatments in the past and the pain was hard to handle. Teresa was very patient and really took the time to cool my skin down and to make sure I was comfortable with the treatment. I barely felt a thing; and I feel like she really took the time to treat all the areas of my face. Before I left I got to test out all the different Jane Iredale beauty products and purchased some to take home. I will definitely make it a point to come to BU every time I come into town for a visit and am looking forward to having Dr. Kim administer my next round of fillers for me because the word around town is that she is a magician with injectables.

Olympia, WA

I love this place !i wasn't sure what I had gotten myself into. This place has completely changed my life in sense.I went to see Dr. Christina Kim because I looked tired and was also concerned about my uneven skin tone and sun spots. I had PRP injections and microneedling done over my entire face. The procedures were virtually pain-free as she finessed each area.I loved the way Dr. Kim explained PRP and what it does when re-introduce into the skin. Love my results with PRP! Great place to Check it out you will really miss out if you don't go.

Glenview, IL

I live out West and have been to all the best SPAS in Los Angeles. BU Wellness is truly better than the most popular spas in LA. Their menu of services are the most cutting edge (hydra facial, LED light thearpy, etc.), BUT the difference is the medical knowledge behind everything they are doing. You feel safe, comfortable, totally relaxed the facilities are gorgeous. I was SO happy to be back home visiting my parents and discovering this spa is EVEN BETTER than what the celebrities have access to in Beverly Hills. Can't wait to come back. Hydra facial results were amazing...

Santa Monica, CA

I just flew into Chicago last week for a good friend's wedding. Prior to arriving I had made an appointment with BU Wellness Clinic (highly recommended from the bride) for a Hydratherapy Facial and a little Dysport session hoping it would freshen me up for the weekend festivities. I was nervous for I didn't know what to really expect even though my friend told me about it. I am happy to say what a wonderful experience! Hydratherapy facial was quite relaxing and felt great knowing toxins and product build-up were being sucked away from my face from this special machine. It is an effecient facial because it only takes about 20-25 minutes but you see instant results! Love it! Then owner/head doctor, Dr. Kim at the well-designed gorgeous clinic then whisked me away to another well appointed cozy room to do a quick little Dysport injection on the forehead to soften those "worry lines" and it was painless, nothing more than maybe a little bug bite and took less than ten minutes. The medical staff was very professional but not in a cold clinical way in fact they made me feel comfortable, cozy, and relaxed unlike most medical clinics. I can't wait to go back next time I'm in Chicago for effective and rejuvenating treatments at BU Wellness. Thank you!!!

Olympia, WA

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